@7Cricket - 7Cricket tweet - "If he does have a chink in his armour it's the ball which...
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 11 months ago

"If he does have a chink in his armour it's the ball which does come back into him...

"Quite often leaves a big gap between bat and pad and that's where the Aussies will target."

@RickyPonting at his peerless best for the Prithvi Shaw wicket #AUSvIND

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@ShubhamJakhar19 @7Cricket @RickyPonting And they called him the next sachin😶

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 11 months ago

@shubhamg23 @7Cricket @RickyPonting @IPL That's not an issue in T20 cricket but I'm sure he tell him that but it needs so much practice to change the batting technique

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 11 months ago
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@7Cricket @SaiAaryan007 @RickyPonting @manojchandra80 isn't it the same thing i said😎

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 11 months ago

@7Cricket @RickyPonting There has to be a way to watch #AUSvIND on 7cricket from India.

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 11 months ago

@7Cricket @RickyPonting Ricky got to know during his time at delhi capitals @ipl and didnt teach him??

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 11 months ago
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 11 months ago
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@7Cricket @RickyPonting Shaw has more weakness than strength

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