@johnlegend - John Legend tweet - Excited to share a conversation with @UCLAHealth's Dr. Eraka...
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 2 months ago

Excited to share a conversation with @UCLAHealth's Dr. Eraka Bath & @ZaneLowe that'll stream live along w/ special performances from me, @BlackPumasMusic & @joyoladokun. Tune into We Shine Together tomorrow 6pm PT in support of #MentalHealthAwareness Month

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 1 month ago
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 2 months ago

@johnlegend @UCLAHealth @zanelowe @joyoladokun Glad to be in your company. Thank you

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 2 months ago

@johnlegend @UCLAHealth @zanelowe @BlackPumasMusic @joyoladokun Good to hear that Mr legend.
Guys, add this to your playlist #amalive by @iamtsharp the man who led and directed the Guiness book of records world largest choir attempts, with 12,000 singers and a 120 man strong Orchestra right from Nigeria.. listen

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 2 months ago

@johnlegend @UCLAHealth @zanelowe @BlackPumasMusic @joyoladokun I am truly looking forward to this.

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