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 1 month ago

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My new book HOW THE WORD IS PASSED is out today. It explores how different places across the country reckon with, or fail to reckon with, their relationship to the history of slavery. I gave this book everything I have. Here are the places I visited 🧵:

Important, powerful work by Clint. So relevant to the conversations the U.S. continues to have (or avoid) about how we tell the story of our past

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@johnlegend On my list

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@johnlegend Thanks for sharing. This will be my new summer read.

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@johnlegend @_joseolivarez No joke, would love to have a set for my classroom.

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@johnlegend Exactly

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 1 month ago

@ClintSmithIII @johnlegend Great interview today also!

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 1 month ago

@johnlegend Thanks so much, John. I really appreciate it.

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 1 month ago

@johnlegend Thanks for sharing John!! 👍❤️

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@johnlegend I read @ClintSmithIII’s excerpt in “The Atlantic” and promptly put “How the Word is Passed” on my Father’s Day list. I have enough Tommy Bahama shirts.

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@johnlegend Good info thank u

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