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 1 month ago

Freedom is demanded.

#TheLegendOfTheUnderground — an HBO Original documentary that follows a group of youth challenging ideals of gender, conformity, and civil rights in Nigeria — premieres June 29 on HBO Max. #getliftedfilmco

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 1 month ago

@johnlegend Who's handling your Tweeter John?

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@Atambalaa @johnlegend Yes!! I’m so happy about it!!

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@johnlegend @Blaise_21 seen this yet?

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 1 month ago

@johnlegend @hbomax Wahala 😂💀

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@johnlegend @HBODocs Wahala has wa ooo

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 1 month ago

@johnlegend Thank you for investing in our stories. So exicted to have worked on this project.

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All I want is to be able to tell these stories to the generations that would enjoy the decriminalization of Queer rights, whether I’m alive doing it or my works telling of times even when I’m gone - TIMI

Freedom is demanded
#TheLegendOfTheUnderground premieres June 29 on @hbomax

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 1 month ago

@johnlegend I loved your program Underground and miss the people in it.

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