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 1 month ago

Matthew Hayden "The Indian batters had been facing 130KpH deliveries for the last month during the IPL. It's a different cup of tea when you are facing someone running and bowling at Shaheen Shah Afridi's pace" #T20WorldCup #INDvPAK

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 1 month ago

@CricChronicles @SajSadiqCricket A thrashing of 10 wickets and 170 runs in the last 3 meetings. And overall we lead aswell, your flukey period is over.

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@nandhakumar35 @SajSadiqCricket History? Really? Pak-ind head to head wins 87-70 😃 joker

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@SajSadiqCricket FYI

Ferguson, Nortje, Umran Malik, Rabada, Bumrah, Siraj etc all are fast bowlers, not medium fast.

Learn to digest one off win in worldcup against India, and improve yourself otherwise defeat is around the corner against stronger team like India.

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 1 month ago

@SajSadiqCricket Shaheen was also accurate and getting the ball to swing! It was a whole different cup of tea indeed 😉

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 1 month ago

@SajSadiqCricket Keep calm Hayden , it’s just one match . Don’t forget the facts nor the history which is continent for you .

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 1 month ago

@phani05indra @SajSadiqCricket Different cup of fantastic tea ☕️

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 1 month ago

@SajSadiqCricket Someone should tell Hayden not to mention cupa tea into this convo. It's a touchy subject for them. lol

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@SajSadiqCricket Umran Malik bowled at 150km/hr in IPL as well.I think it is the swing woth bowling at 140 clicks which causes the Most trouble

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 1 month ago

@SajSadiqCricket Yeah! Ind won in Australia back to back test series and is in lead in England by playing only 130kph bowlers

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@SajSadiqCricket BEST IN THE WORLD 🐐

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 1 month ago

@SajSadiqCricket Great use of the word tea I guess

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