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Founded by Chairwoman @DanyGarciaCo || A global holding co. creating value & profitability for a portfolio of innovative, consumer facing corporations

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Introducing @ZoaEnergy - A first-of-its-kind energy drink created as a healthy solution for the unique challenges of today.

ZOA was created & developed by @DanyGarciaCo, @TheRock, @DaveRienzi and John Shulman to bring more positive energy to everyday life.

Coming this MARCH.

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100 years of progress, and still, we march. 

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From acorns, mighty oaks grow. 
We are pleased to announce our portfolio has branched out with the addition of our latest brand partner, @Acorns.

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The @xfl2020 officially joins @GarciaCompanies portfolio today, making @DanyGarciaCo the first woman to own an American major professional sports league.

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It's time that everyone recognizes Juneteenth & everything it stands for by forcefully eradicating all racial inequality. We stand firmly behind this message & continue to do the work until we normalize equality. The Black community deserves better. #Juneteenth #NormalizeEquality

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Guided by passion, honesty and an unyielding integrity, TGC creates lasting value and profitability in all of its dealings. Visit the website and follow Chairwoman and CEO @danygarciaco for updates and news business developments.

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