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Great news everyone – we've made @LiamPayne's #EEBAFTAs AR pre-show performance, created with our 5G network and developed using the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 5G, available to more countries on the @LiveOnTheRound app 🌍🌎🌏

Get it here:

Here it is! You can now check out my AR BAFTA performance from wherever you are 🙌🏼 send me photos of where you've used it, can't wait to see!! #EEBAFTAs

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RT @Zedd: LIVE NOW!!!!

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Most people are new to this, but these guys have been working with the $69M man @beeple for over ten years!
Make sure you check it out, so exciting 🙌🏼

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DIORAMA (w/ @_sillygabe_ ) is possibly our most ambitious NFT project so far.
Our goal was it to make THE BEST NFT THERE IS.
We wanted this to be a journey where you feel truly connected with each of the rooms you enter and really SEE the sounds you hear!!!

So I’ve been checking out these NFTs for awhile now, finding some artists whose work I love and I can’t get enough of this new work from @Sillygabe. This new piece in collaboration with @Zedd and @fvckrender is dropping any minute now with @niftygateway...

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You’ve never seen me like this before... Check out my #EEBAFTAs AR performance this Sunday at 6:45pm BST. Coming live to your phone, whether you’re at home, in the park, or on the move 📲 Download 'The Round' app now! 🎤🎥 @EE @BAFTA

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I've just found out that my music has been streamed more than 5 billion times... You guys really are the best fans in the world! Thanks for all of the support over the years, here’s to the future...

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Every day let’s celebrate women and girls around the world. Here’s a special thank you to the women who have worked tirelessly during COVID to ensure vital services have continued, and to the young women @UNICEF supports. Thank you for keeping them happy healthy and safe #IWD2021

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It’s our final episode of the FIFA PlayOn podcast series, and what a high to finish on! Joining us are Man City’s man of the moment @IlkayGuendogan and chart-topping rapper, producer (and friend) @FrencHMonTanA!
Listen here ⬇️ #fifasound #playon

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This week on Episode 6 of the FIFA PlayOn podcast I’m joined by @mterstegen1 & @LukasGraham. Tune in to hear us talk fatherhood, reminisce over 90s FIFA gameplay and more.
Listen here 👉🏼 #fifasound #playon

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Episode 5 of the FIFA PlayOn podcast is out now! Joining me this week are @dele_official & @Wretch32. Hear us talk initiation tracks and personal growth alongside some outstanding track choices from Dele himself #fifasound #playon

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Episode 4 of the FIFA PlayOn podcast is out now 🙌🏼 Joining me this week are two Venezuelan powerhouses @deynac18 & @lelepons #fifasound #playon

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What an amazing life this man lead, may he continue to be an inspiration to us all. Rest in peace Captain

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⚡️ @LiamPayne's debut album 'LP1' has gone #BRITcertified Silver! 💿

RT @BRITs: ⚡️ @LiamPayne's debut album 'LP1' has gone #BRITcertified Silver! 💿

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Joining me on this week's episode of the FIFA PlayOn podcast are @AsisatOshoala & @TiwaSavage 🙌🏼 Hear how the two are changing the game for football and music in Nigeria, Africa, and beyond #fifasound #playon

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Naming songs is the hardest part, any suggestions?

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Wow! 100 million streams of Midnight on @Spotify 🙌🏼 Loved working on this with @Alesso. I will always remember that day in the studio together, Christmas Eve 2019!! Thanks for showing it love everyone 🖤

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Pick up your exclusive Final Act merch now and let me know when it arrives 🙌🏼

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Episode 2 of the FIFA PlayOn podcast is out now!
Joining me this week are @CarliLloyd & @RachelPlatten, so tune in to hear how the 2x World Cup champion & 2x Olympic gold medallist prepared for victory in 2015 #fifasound #playon

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I'm excited to announce that I’m hosting the first ever series of @FIFAWorldCup’s PlayOn podcast today with @J_Dyer_Official! Today we kick off with @ivanrakitic and @MoratBanda, listen now

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Thank you. Here’s to the future ❤️

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Thanks for joining me on For You @ninanesbitt loved singing with you!!
What do you guys think? #LPFinalAct

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What was your favourite 1D song from the first half of the set? #LPFinalAct

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Might have just made it 3...

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does it ever drive you crazy just how fast liam's hair growsssssss #LPFinalAct

You’re telling me 😅

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I do it all for you guys!

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Thanks to everyone that made You & I so special for me #LPFinalAct

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Loved singing Stockholm Syndrome so many good memories from these songs 🙌🏼

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@LiamPayne @LiamPayne if you notice me and say happy birthday i’ll dye my hair pink tomorrow #LPFinalAct #LPShowAct4

Happy birthday! Can’t wait to see the new hair 💇‍♀️🎂

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Can't believe you have all got #LPFinalAct trending all around the world you guys are honestly the best 🏆 let’s try get it to number 1 worldwide during this set!!

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@wtvokay Hand it over...

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Big shout out to @clairerosinkraz i've had her track Backyard Boy stuck in my head for so long now! Make sure to check her out #LPFinalAct

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@DependOnNiam13 This is amazing! You guys are the best

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I hope you’re all loving @RossHarrisMusic! Go show him some love and check out his music 🙏🏼 #LPFinalAct

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@RossHarrisMusic 🙌

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Loved having @ninanesbitt on the show! You guys are in for treat right now 🙌🏼 #LPFinalAct

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how started: how is going:

RT @_goldenhxbit_: how started: how is going:

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Not long to go 👀 #LPFinalAct

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