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With the introduction of Labs, Samsung is making the Galaxy foldable experience even more flexible and adaptable to your needs.

Check out the links below to learn more. |

#GalaxyZFold3 #GalaxyZFlip3

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The perfect combination of timeless style and digital versatility.
A new collection created with rhodium plating, #GalaxyWatch4Classic #ThomBrowne Edition.

Available in select markets from September 29th.
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At #SDC21 on October 26, developers, creators and designers will gather online to shape the future of customer experiences.
Get the tools to design a better life & create a new era of seamless connectivity. Head here for more info:

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Unfold your world with game-changing innovation on the #GalaxyZFold3 5G and #GalaxyZFlip3 5G.
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Quoted @UN

"We thought the world has stopped, but it continues to move forward. Every choice we make is the beginning of change."

-- @BTS_twt came to UNHQ to support action for the #GlobalGoals & a better world for everyone.

Watch their special musical performance and get inspired.

What walking the walk looks and sounds like 💜 @BTS_twt #BTSatUNGA #BTSxUN

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Advance your gaming to another level with the #GalaxyZFold3 5G.
Learn more:

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Productivity is a snap with the S Pen. #GalaxyZFold3 5G.
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No one will dare grab your loot!
Get powered up and smash your enemies with the #GalaxyA52s 5G chipset power!
Discover more:

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Lag-lag-lagging is not fun.
Jump to light-speed and leave other players behind with the #GalaxyA52s 5G.
Discover more:

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From collaborating with colleagues to chatting with friends and listening to music, Galaxy foldable experiences give you more ways to do what you love.

Check out the links below to learn more. |

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This #NationalGrandparentsDay, get Grandpa and Grandma tech they’ll love and stay active with – the new #GalaxyWatch4. They can even use it to send for help if there’s an emergency.

Learn more:

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Can’t get enough of @BTS_twt? Get exclusive #GalaxyxBTS wallpapers for your #GalaxyZFlip3 5G today! Download now:

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A secure fit helps you get fit. The new buds are lightweight with a comfortable fit so they move with you in your journey.
Immerse into your world.

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Always wanted to contribute to the #GlobalGoals, but wasn’t sure how? Here are some helpful tips from our #Generation17 Young Leaders on how you can also inspire change in your community:

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Counting down the days until the first online SDC.
We're cooking up something new for #SDC21 on October 26th.
Stay tuned for more info and get a first look at the event here:

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Learn five pro secrets for making your nature videos more cinematic and immersive than ever, with filmmaker @gabscanu and the #GalaxyS21 Ultra 5G.
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Hands-free, hassle-free. Capture your own selfie with the #GalaxyZFlip3 5G.
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More 💜 coming your way #GalaxyxBTS

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Quoted @SamsungMobileUS

There’s something to be said about staying the same. We just prefer to stand out a little.

Be anything but basic 💅

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We all misplace things, but finding them should be super simple – with #GalaxySmartTag. This #NationalGrandparentsDay, keep Grandpa and Grandma worry-free about misplacing their items with tech they’ll love.

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Introducing the Galaxy Z Fold3 | Z Flip3 5G.

It’s time to change from “good enough” to better.
Unfold your world.

#GalaxyZFold3 #GalaxyZFlip3

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With various colors and designs to choose from #GalaxyWatch4 Series, it’s easy to find one that matches your unique style.

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The word is out. Everyone knows you can do better with the #GalaxyZFlip3.
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Enjoy life’s little moments, magnified – with thoughtful features like the Magnifier Window on the #GalaxyS21 Ultra 5G. This #NationalGrandparentsDay, gift them the tech they’ll love.

Learn more:

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Something sweeter is already here. #GalaxyZFold3 #GalaxyZFlip3
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Missing Grandpa and Grandma? This #NationalGrandparentsDay, help them stay connected with the #GalaxyTabS7 and enjoy better sound quality during family calls with the #GalaxyBudsPro, thanks to Ambient Sound.

Learn more:

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Carry your maps on your wrist. Know where you’re going with @googlemaps and #WearOS Powered by Samsung.
#GalaxyWatch4 Series
The watch that knows you best.

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Thanks to its abundance of camera features, #GalaxyZFlip3 5G lets you capture dynamic content for social media, hassle-free.
Learn more:

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Two-toned hues that fit any style, and in any pocket. #GalaxyZFlip3
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From unleashing new ways of self-expression to leveling up your productivity game, discover what makes the S Pen more than a stylus.
Learn more:

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Sleek, seamless, iconic. Galaxy Watch4 features a beautiful circular design, offering high-end looks and functionality for your workout and day-to-day tasks.
Come join the circle!

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Track any workout that works for you. The Galaxy Watch4 tracks a variety of exercises right from your wrist, for everyday wins and even bigger goals.
#GalaxyWatch4 Series
The watch that knows you best.

Learn more:

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With more screen real estate, #GalaxyZFold3 5G provides more space for you to work and play.
Learn more:

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Introducing the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G.
This is the next era of mobile. With one of the first-ever water-resistant foldables, you can feel free to express, connect and share with less worry.
Unfold your world.

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Introducing the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.
Do one, two, three things at once with Z Fold3’s enhanced multitasking. Compare, take notes, create, send, schedule and even more. Get it all done faster and stress-free.
Unfold your world.

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Introducing the #GalaxyZFold3 5G and the new S Pen Fold Edition.
Take notes, fix that presentation and sketch your next design on the big, immersive screen. Z Fold3 completely reimagines the smartphone experience.
Unfold your world.

Learn more:

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Introducing the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G with a 7.6-inch display.
Stay immersed and enjoy the action on a 7.6-inch display for a truly unique experience.
Unfold your world.

Learn more:


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With every challenge, we rise, or we learn. @JessicaLong 🥇 and Giseong Jo, thank you for inspiring us all throughout the Games. #TeamGalaxy #CheerTogether

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Quoted @WhatsApp

📱📲 New phone, same memories.

Changing your phone no longer means losing your chat history. Starting today, you can move your WhatsApp history from iOS to Samsung. And soon across all devices.

Transfer all your WhatsApp chat history, including photos, videos and more to the newest Galaxy smartphones including #GalaxyZFold3 5G and #GalaxyZFlip3 5G.

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Giseong Jo and @JessicaLong, let's get some metal! 🥇🥈🥉 #TeamGalaxy #CheerTogether #ParaSwimming

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