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Technoking of Tesla, Imperator of Mars 😉

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Cybertruck at Giga Texas https://t.co/c1RuektPnN

RT @Tesla: Cybertruck at Giga Texas https://t.co/c1RuektPnN

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🎸🎸 Austin Rocks!! 🎸 🎸

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@Model3Owners Same with Berlin

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@Model3Owners Limited production of Model Y this year, high volume next year

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@Model3Owners I was just there, driving Cybertruck around the site where it will be built!

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Make life multiplanetary! #Mars

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@Erdayastronaut @thesheetztweetz Yeah, should be fully mobile later this year, so you can move it anywhere or use it on an RV or truck in motion. We need a few more satellite launches to achieve compete coverage & some key software upgrades.

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@thesheetztweetz This is accurate. Service uptime, bandwidth & latency are improving rapidly. Probably out of beta this summer.

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@lexfridman One of many reasons that we need to make life multiplanetary!

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@austinbarnard45 Aiming to launch next week

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@billhuang688 @RationalEtienne @F9Block5 Certainly one of the largest. A company whose name rhymes with Shmoogle is pretty far ahead.

But I think we’re the leader in shallow-minded AI haha!

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Doge Barking at the Moon https://t.co/QFB81D7zOL

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@WSBChairman Doge Barking at the Moon – Miro https://t.co/1vTM2XOusy

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@RationalEtienne @F9Block5 While perhaps obvious in hindsight, it turns out that the only way to solve self-driving is to solve a big part of real-world AI. That is what Tesla is doing, both in hardware & software.

Unless a company is good at AI with tight compute, it’s hopeless. This is insanely hard.

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Le Petit Prince

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@SpaceXMR Soon it will be real

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@janixos @ErcXspace @SpaceX Actually, yes. And Red Rocket truck stop.

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@andyweedman @karpathy @DirtyTesla Stop … In the Name of Love! https://t.co/kBsTi5jz16

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@Teslarati I found some footage of the drive https://t.co/TXeLQO9Spr

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@WholeMarsBlog Button timing of May is aspirational. Depends on how well limited beta of V9.0 goes, but I would be surprised if wide beta (aka button) is later than June. FSD subscription next month is a sure thing.

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@cliffski @F9Block5 Hopefully addressed this summer

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@BLKMDL3 @F9Block5 Same timing

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@F9Block5 Major improvements are being made to the vision stack every week. Beta button hopefully next month.

This is a “march of 9’s” trying to get probability of no injury above 99.999999% of miles for city driving. Production Autopilot is already above that for highway driving.

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@jrosinski97 Will investigate

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@melaniemadri Probably late July

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Tesla AI/Autopilot engineering is awesome! Making excellent progress solving real-world AI.

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@ErcXspace @SpaceX 69th Raptor engine coming soon

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@ashleevance Maybe it’s about how you use it

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@AstroJordy @PPathole @SpaceX @Tesla That version of Falcon 1 never flew, so must be ~2004. The CAD looks so simple! I think we were still using SolidWorks back then.

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@eugenelee3 @PPathole @SpaceX @Tesla Yeah, not scalable. My grad student idea was to try to use advanced chip making equipment to create high energy density capacitors accurate to molecular level.

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@PPathole @SpaceX @Tesla That was my night job. Day job was working on ruthenium-tantalum ultracapacitors at Pinnacle Research.

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@PPathole @SpaceX @Tesla True. Ancient times … Had to flip CPU registers explicitly, as computer was so slow.

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