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"no worries if not!"

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gonna take a quick power nap//4 hours later

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COWORKER: Happy monday!


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my dating profile: I'm a risk taker

the risk:

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It’s time to Ask Cam Anything! She’ll answer all of your questions—as long as they don’t break her commitment to impartiality as the former mediator between Right @TWIX and Left @TWIX! #ad #cookiesandcreme

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when the edible hits right as you pull up to the drive through window

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Do a Mr Ed reunion next

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The stunning, perfect, and brilliant @trixiemattel plays a concert in the bathroom

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Ask Cam Anything...just don’t ask her to pick a side between Right TWIX and Left TWIX! Watch the former @TWIX mediator turned influencer dish on the best way to de-side in her first ever vlog #ad #cookiesandcreme

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wanna feel old? these are the charlie bit my finger kids now.

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all bets are off this year, you wanna do the monster mash in may, treat yourself.

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me with a filter//me without a filter

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. @danceswithtamis is horny for Beetlejuice

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we should get Nobel prizes for holding in farts

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Quoted @UberFacts

A whale's vagina can be large enough to walk through

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Don't miss 'Flipped,' starring @KaitlinOlson @OrvilleIV and @arturocastro85. Streaming on @TheRokuChannel

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ME SIX MONTHS AGO: I miss hanging out. I miss my friends.

ME NOW: I miss six months ago.

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RIP Paul Mooney, a comedy legend.

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Quoted @guardian

Shrek at 20: an unfunny and overrated low for blockbuster animation

Roses are red
The following opinion is an abomination

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CDC: you no longer have to wear-


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Tired: being a jerk
Wired: being a jerk to your friends
Inspired: being a jerk to yourself

Featuring @AmandaCerny / Written by @darrendmiller

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a huge victory for boston

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Tag your frenemy who took this master class, then use it to ruin all your friendships!

Featuring @AmandaCerny & @SydneyBattle / Written by @darrendmiller

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just want to clear things up - the guy who says his horse is a victim of cancel culture is not a will ferrell character

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this changes everything

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twitter crop is gone? time to post long burgundy

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Give us your best jerk neighbor story, then use this master class to top it yourself

Featuring @AmandaCerny @jonbraylock @philorphilip & @DancesWithTamis / Written by @darrendmiller

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me and the boys as soon as we’re vaccinated

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me in the morning: can't work, too hungry

me in the afternoon: can't work, too full

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the facebook oversight board MUST suspend my mom’s account before she posts again about me being single

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Quoted @sepinwall

Incredibly proud to unveil a project the @RollingStone TV team's been working on for a while now: our ranking of the 100 greatest sitcoms ever. Let the scrutiny commence!

👀 @BrockmireIFC

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Quoted @wsteaks

Jake Paul says he Faced-timed with Donald Trump recently:

POV: you’re a filet of fish

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In honor of May 4th, here are our Top 5 Star Wars characters:

5) Jar Jar
4) Jar Jar
3) That bartender who hates robots for literally no reason
2) That stormtrooper who hits his head on the door while he’s running
1) Jar Jar

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shoot your shot bill

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going to ruin my day trying to figure out what child actor paul is reminding me of

RT @70Ceeks: going to ruin my day trying to figure out what child actor paul is reminding me of

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Don’t travel just to run away from all your problems, BE the problem!

Featuring @AmandaCerny, @jonbraylock, @addieyomind & @maggieblaze13 / Written by @darrendmiller

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fuck it, here's the beatles with steve buscemi eyes

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Quoted @TrollingBag

name someone who went through more pain 🥺

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our picks for the next jeopardy host

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