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Disappointing performance. to say the least @KKRiders apologies to all the fans!

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Good to hav our 100th IPL match win. Well done boys...@KKRiders @prasidh43 @DineshKarthik @NitishRana_27 #Rahul @Russell12A @harbhajan_singh ( good to see u even if briefly )@Sah75official @patcummins30 actually all were so good to watch.

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Quoted @FareedZakaria

My mother, Fatma Zakaria, passed away last night at 85. She lived a long, rich, eventful life, with children and grandchildren whom she adored. She loved this photograph.

My condolences to you and the family my friend. May her soul rest in peace and May God give you strength to deal with your loss.

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#MeerFoundation hosted a virtual meet for our acid attack survivors with @iamsrk. It's the first of many endeavours #ToGETherStronger & empowered this 2021.

Watch the full video to feel their excitement radiate through the screen:

Can't wait to meet these lovely women in person soon. Much love to my team at @MeerFoundation for bringing a small part of the family together to catch up & chat. Until we meet again.... In the meantime, stay safe & love you all!

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Now I should go otherwise it will seem I am not interested in doing nothing. Thk u all for ur time & patience and also don’t get disappointed for no reply. It’s a bit selfish on my part but I do this for me, and have to say I had loads of fun. Love you all and stay safe please!

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@iamsrk #AskSRK bhai kkr cup layegi na is baar

I hope so. I want to start drinking coffee in that only!

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@iamsrk sir please jaldi screen par par aao apko screen pe dekh ne ke liye pura theatre book karwa lunga araam se dekhunga par please aajo 😭😭 3 saal 3 mahine 31 days hogye ha 😭😭❤️ #AskSrk

Really!! That’s a long time even for patience. Jaldi jaldi shooting karta hoon don’t worry.

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@iamsrk Sir Jab Harry Met Sejal ka sequel kab aaraha hai ??


Ha ha. Yahaan Twitter pe sab box office failures ka hi sequel kyon maang rahe hain???

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@iamsrk How big of a problem it is when you still can’t figure out what is better for you (career wise) in the age of 23!!!! Is it too late or am I panicking ?? #AskSRK

Age is a hard and it will all happen well. I started in films at 26 if that helps. Just don’t waste your years that’s all.

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Looks like SRK's autocorrect is spelling "for" as "dor"😂
#AskSRK @iamsrk

No my fingers are fat...and d is next to f on the qwerty keyboard.

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@iamsrk should i study or keep texting you?

Study now

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@iamsrk sir aaj khane me karela khaya tha kya jo mere se kadwa bartav kar rhe ignore kar ke???????

Karela khaein mere dushman!!!

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@iamsrk Kuch shabd For @BeingSalmanKhan bhai??...Recently You 2 Shot Together for a film..


As always bhai toh bhai hi hai!

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@iamsrk Sir, you once told on KwK that you have no friends and you don't know how to maintain friendships. Would you still say the same?


Nahi ab mere bachche mere dost hain.

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Quoted @saad__srkian

@iamsrk Favroite aamir khan's film ??

Raakh QSQT Dangal Lagaan 3 Idiots

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@iamsrk #AskSRK Got Your Portrait Tattoo Inked, Would You Like To Say Something @iamsrk ?

Ab toh main beard kaat hi nahi sakta!!! Tera tattoo kharaab ho jayega!

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@iamsrk Srk sab kahte hai aapme ego bahot hai kya sach hai #AskSRK

Nahi yaar main itna Great hoon mujh mein bilkul ego nahi hai!! Ha ha

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#AskSRK Shah sir..aap iss bar apne bdayy pe..mannat stand pe aaoge na??..we missed u ths year vryyy mch..
@iamsrk @teamsrkfc

Hope the virus is contained and we are all back to normalcy. I miss you all on my birthday

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@iamsrk Hello Shah, @iamsrk ! Could you please have a look at this 🥺
Mom says I'll never be able to get a reply from you. Let us not agree with her?! #AskSRK

This is lovely

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Actually Netflix ke paas mera subscription hai!

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All the best to KKR for the IPL @iamsrk

Thank you for your wishes we will try harder

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@iamsrk Shahrukh Sir you lied to us, Ek tarfa pyaar is not beautiful it’s self torture🥺🙏🙏

Maybe I meant it for the other person....she must have felt good at least!

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@iamsrk New talents bhi promote kar rahe kya? #AskSRK

Nahi abhi apna talent hi swaar raha hoon.

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I only do these #asksrk for such classy and educated questions.

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@iamsrk Itte tweets karo,sari movies dekho,dusro se lado,trends kro fir reply to milna chahiye na ? #AskSRK

Oh so you are the businessman fan? Yeh kiya toh woh chahiye.... ok thanks

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@iamsrk Sir ek reply dedo Ammi hass rahi hai mere upar 😭


Maa ki hassi mein hi khushi hai.

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Quoted @black_knightt__

@iamsrk Chooose One
1. KKR winning 2021 IPL
2. Your Films Collects more than 600Crs in Box-office

Was never good at multiple choice questions because I want all the answers to be right.

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Quoted @avnee08

@iamsrk What's your top health and nutrition secret??

I eat sparingly.

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Quoted @MoonChildYeaa

@iamsrk As a father are you strict to your children?

Children were made dor hugging and loving....and for making mistakes not for reprimand or strictness.

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Quoted @priyankmod8

@iamsrk #AskSRK bathroom me itna time kyu lagate ho....aisa kya krna hota hai apko wha 😂😂

Will send you a video....ur inquisitiveness and yearning for learning is very touching.

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@iamsrk #AskSRK What year is this photo?

From the Dinosaur age I assume

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@iamsrk ladaki patane ke liye ek do tips do

Start with not using the word ‘Patana’ dor a girl. Try with more respect gentleness and respect.

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Quoted @fararahX

@iamsrk #AskSRK
Can you talk a little about what would be your advice for teen girls who are insecure about their appearance..

We miss you Shah🥺💗

All girls have a beauty which is different from each other. Don’t compare...and remember you are unique.

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Quoted @Musharraf_17

@iamsrk ek hint dedo apni next movie ki please 😭😑

Strong hint: apni sab next movies mein main star kar raha hoon!! Don’t tell anybody please.

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Hi @iamsrk sir i am a theater student from malaysia the reason i choosed theater because i was inspired bu you hope to meet you and work with you one day #AskSRK

Insha Allah

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Patience practice and goodness begets happiness....

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That I cook and clean and look after the babies. And I guess being so handsome helps too....

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Kismat bhi na badi jutti cheez hoti hai....kya karoon.

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@iamsrk Sir Announcement kab karoge? #AskSRK

Announcements are for airports and railway stations my friend....movies ki hawa toh khud ban jaati hai.....

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@iamsrk #AskSRK Sir Big screen pe kab dikhoge?✨🙏🙏🙏

Bhai bana raha hoon...bana raha hoon!!!

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