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I sing & write sometimes, coach on @nbcthevoice sometimes. I say things others think I shouldn’t say sometimes. I host the @KellyClarksonTV all the time.


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Treat yourself (or a loved one!) to an early Christmas gift by ordering one of these exclusive offers!! 🎁❤️ #WhenChristmasComesAround #ChristmasIsntCanceled

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My new song #ChristmasIsntCanceled is out now! 🎄 This song is part of my upcoming new album #WhenChristmasComesAround... available everywhere on October 15th. Pre-order it now.

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Alright, y'all! I can't keep this one a secret anymore!! I'm releasing a brand new album titled #WhenChristmasComesAround... and you can pre-order it starting tonight at 12AM ET!!! Until then, here's the track list.... 🎄🎶 #ChristmasIsntCanceled

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You'll have lots to listen to #WhenChristmasComesAround this year... 🎁🎶😉 #ChristmasIsntCanceled

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This 4-CHAIR TURN from @IAmGymani is absolutely epic. 😍 #VoicePremiere #TeamKelly

RT @NBCTheVoice: This 4-CHAIR TURN from @IAmGymani is absolutely epic. 😍 #VoicePremiere #TeamKelly

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What an incredible start to this season of @NBCTheVoice!! See y'all next Monday! #TeamKelly #TheVoice

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I will ABSOLUTELY do a happy dance for @IAmGymani!! I couldn’t think of a better way to close out the night!! #TeamKelly #TheVoice

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.@KellyClarkson's reaction to @carolinaalonsox's Blind Audition is everything. 🤩 #VoicePremiere #TeamKelly

RT @NBCTheVoice: .@KellyClarkson's reaction to @carolinaalonsox's Blind Audition is everything. 🤩 #VoicePremiere #TeamKelly…

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Y’all I can’t believe I didn’t have to fight for @carolinaalonsox 🤯 Everything about your audition was so beautiful, Carolina! #TheVoice #TeamKelly

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.@NBCTheVoice starts RIGHT NOW on @NBC! Tune-in y’all! #TeamKelly #TheVoice

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Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk! Or should I say… my Blake Talk 😎 @BlakeShelton #TheVoice #TeamKelly #IKnowCountry

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Hi @JohnLegend!! ❤️ #TheVoice #TeamKelly

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Night two of the season 21 premiere of @NBCTheVoice is tonight! What did y'all think of last night's performances? #TeamKelly #TheVoice

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Me: waiting to see @johnlegend tonight!!!! #OohLa #TheGreek

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.@KinseyRoseMusic is bringing the country to the #VoicePremiere! 🤠 #TeamKelly

RT @NBCTheVoice: .@KinseyRoseMusic is bringing the country to the #VoicePremiere! 🤠 #TeamKelly

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And the first 4-CHAIR TURN of the season goes to... @GirlNamedTom! 🙌 #VoicePremiere #TeamKelly

RT @NBCTheVoice: And the first 4-CHAIR TURN of the season goes to... @GirlNamedTom! 🙌 #VoicePremiere #TeamKelly

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#TeamKelly got the first 4-chair turn of the season and I got to block @BlakeShelton! That's a great night for Team KC!! See y'all tomorrow for another episode of @NBCTheVoice! #TheVoice #TeamKelly

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Ahhhh that felt SO good! Welcome to #TeamKelly @KinseyRoseMusic!! #TheVoice

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The chance of pigs flying... pretty low. The chance of @BlakeShelton having my back for once... even LOWER! #TeamKelly #TheVoice

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Did you see that @BlakeShelton?! That’s right… Team Kelly gets the first four-chair turn of the season!! @GirlNamedTom #TeamKelly #TheVoice

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What did y'all think of our Season 21 coach performance with @ArianaGrande, @BlakeShelton, and @JohnLegend!?! #TeamKelly #TheVoice #VoicePremiere

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R-E-S-P-E-C-T! 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️Just a little bit 🤏🏻 Loved singing this one with you girl! @ArianaGrande 🎤🎶 #TheVoice #VoicePremiere

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Turn up the volume to hear part of our coach performance before it airs tonight on @NBCTheVoice! What do y'all think!? #TeamKelly #TheVoice #VoicePremiere @ArianaGrande @BlakeShelton @JohnLegend

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Two words to describe this week's premiere of @NBCTheVoice: Sizzling butter! 🧈😜 Y'all don't want to miss it!! Night one starts in just a few hours on @NBC. #TeamKelly #TheVoice #VoicePremiere

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It's premiere night, y’all! We have a special performance to kick off @NBCTheVoice! Here’s a tease… #TeamKelly #TheVoice

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3 days until my new Christmas single is here... 🎄🎶 Pre-save "Christmas Isn't Canceled (Just You)" now at #ChristmasIsntCanceled

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thank you @kellyclarkson for having me be part of the @kellyclarksontv LA premiere on monday before #TheVoice !!! tune in

Thank YOU!!! So glad you were there to help kick off the LA premiere❤️

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My new commercial with @wayfair features real customers and their real reviews, and trust me – they are one of a kind. Find your own Kevin (or whatever y’all need to make your home work for you) at Wayfair! #Sponsored #KellyClarksonxWayfair

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Thank you @StarletonEnt for sending this to me!! Get it @KelseaBallerini ❤️❤️ love you girl!!

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WAIT! Does this mean a new Christmas Album is Coming?!? @kellyclarkson 🎄🎄😁

I plead the fifth! 😎🤷🏼‍♀️🎄

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Just in case y'all wanna learn the lyrics before it's out on September 23rd.... 🎄🎶 Pre-save "Christmas Isn't Canceled (Just You)” now at #ChristmasIsntCanceled

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Y’all gotta check out @JamesWolk's new show @NBC's #OrdinaryJoe premiere Monday 9/20 after @NBCTheVoice! So excited to share Monday nights on @NBC with you 🎉

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New season. New coach. New talent. 🎤🙌🏻 Season 21 of @NBCTheVoice is back, y'all! Tune in to the premiere Monday, 9/20 on @NBC! #TheVoice #TeamKelly

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One week until my new Christmas single is released! Here are some of the lyrics... 🎄🎶

Pre-save "Christmas Isn't Canceled (Just You)" now at #ChristmasIsntCanceled

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Christmas isn’t canceled (just you) out 9/23 🎄🎅 Pre-save at

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Y'all know I'm obsessed with Christmas!!! That's why I'm so excited to announce my new single Christmas Isn't Canceled (Just You) is coming out September 23rd!! Pre-save it now!! 🎄🎶

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Is it time to listen to Kelly Clarkson’s christmas music yet???

Soon!! 🎄🎁🎶☃️

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Nothing beats an impromptu jam session! Especially when it's with Chris Martin. #SinceUBeenGone #TheKellyClarksonShow

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Season 3, baby!! Y'all ready!?!? @KellyClarksonTV #TheKellyClarksonShow

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...and it was all yellow. 😂🤣 Yep. That's definitely my kid. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #YouGottaGoWhenYouGottaGo #TheKellyClarksonShow

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