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Get your first look at the Deluxe edition of #Welcome2America in this exclusive unboxing video, which showcases the complete contents of this multimedia, immersive collection. Pre-order your copy here:

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Along with the memories from the players who recorded with Prince, you'll hear exclusive previews of #Welcome2America tracks "Same Page, Different Book," "Check The Record," "Stand Up and B Strong," "Yes," "1010 (Rin Tin Tin)," and more.

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"The last time I saw him he thanked me, and he said, "'I’ve been looking for this sound for years and I’m grateful that you helped me find it,'" @talwilkenfeld shares in the podcast. Tal's distinctive bass lines are heard throughout #Welcome2America.

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The first episode, "Thank U 4 Helping Me Get This Out," includes memories from musicians @talwilkenfeld, @_CrC_, @livwarfield and @elisa_fiorillo, and is your first chance to hear many of the #Welcome2America tracks.

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The official podcast "The Story of Welcome 2 America" begins today, available wherever you get your podcasts. In the first episode, @SlingshotAnnie and @therealshelbyj take you into the studios of @PaisleyPark to learn how #Welcome2America unfolded.

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"'Hot Summer' makes me think we’re all at the beach doing the twist, like Annette Funicello," @therealshelbyj adds. "So I say it’s going be a Hot Purple Summer!"

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After recording "Hot Summer," Prince took his vocalists for a joyride past a local beach. "All these people were outside and I’m thinking it’s broad daylight, they’re gonna see him. But we didn’t care,” @Elisa_Fiorillo says. “We had the windows rolled down playing 'Hot Summer.'"

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The upbeat, joyful song prominently features vocalist @livwarfield, who made a special @tiktok_us video to celebrate the song's release.

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Today The Prince Estate and @SonyLegacyRecs are excited to share the track "Hot Summer" from Prince's 2010 vault album #Welcome2America.

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Prince clearly enjoyed @mikeruiz1's work. He even had a shirt created with one of Mike's #Welcome2America images, and wore it during his Welcome 2 America Tour.

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The striking cover image for #Welcome2America was captured by @mikeruiz1 in 2010, when he photographed Prince for the Welcome 2 America Tour booklet and other promotional materials.

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The #Welcome2America track “Hot Summer” is now available to preview exclusively on @tiktok_us. Soundtrack your own "Hot Summer" by using the song when you create your next @tiktok_us video.

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"We cut this whole record in a matter of days," says bassist @talwilkenfeld , who recorded on #Welcome2America with Prince at @PaisleyPark. Hear more stories from Prince's bandmates in @RollingStone, ahead of Welcome 2 America's release on July 30:

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In a written interview for Ebony magazine in 2010, Prince shared some of his concerns and visions for the future. The interview was conducted around the same time he was recording his album #Welcome2America, and echoes the themes heard on the album's title track.

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@KevinMazur began photographing Prince in the mid-1980s, and continued through the #Welcome2America era. "We had a great working relationship and I considered him a friend," Kevin Mazur said to Us Magazine. "Every moment of his that you captured on film was like no other."

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One of the defining visual aspects of Prince's #Welcome2America era is the evocative live photography by @KevinMazur, who shot several of Prince's live performances on the Welcome 2 America Tour from 2010-2012.

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Prince wore these sequined gold shoes during his Welcome 2 America Tour in 2010-2011. Preview more of the shoes from the "Beautiful Collection" exhibit at @PaisleyPark, opening today, via @RollingStone.

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"You could make a fair argument that his overall influence on fashion was just as impactful as his musical influence," says @PaisleyPark's Mitch Maguire. @CBSThisMorning took a peek at just a few of the shoes that will be on display starting Friday.

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"Welcome 2 America / Welcome 2 the big show..."

Follow along in the weeks ahead for a celebration of #Welcome2America—including more music from Prince's vault, new episodes of the Official Prince Podcast, and iconic imagery from this expressive era of Prince's career.

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Prince's longtime music director @MrMorrisHayes stopped by @BBC6Music to share more details and stories behind #Welcome2America and the second single from the album, "Born 2 Die." Listen to the segment starting at 1:45:00.

Photo: Brian Ach (July 2, 2011)

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Thank you to all the fans and fams who have been listening to The Prince Channel on @SiriusXM. Due to popular demand, the channel has been extended through July 30. Stream The Prince Channel here: #prince Photo credit @KevinMazur.

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In a fitting tribute to how multi-talented Prince was as an instrumentalist, he is featured on the cover of both @GuitarWorld and @GuitarPlayerNow magazine this summer. Photography (by @MikeRuiz1 and @KevinMazur) is from Prince's  #Welcome2America era.

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The Official Prince Podcast is back. The Story of #Welcome2America begins July 22, hosts @SlingshotAnnie, @therealshelbyj, @MrMorrisHayes.

Hear the trailer:

@ApplePodcasts, @Spotify, @Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts.

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The special RSD Drop of Prince's album The Truth debuted at No. 1 on the @Billboard Vinyl Albums chart this week. Thank you to the fans (and fams) who celebrated @RecordStoreDay and picked up this exclusive release! @sonymusic

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"Emancipation: free 2 do what I wanna
Emancipation: see U in the purple rain
Emancipation: free 2 do what I wanna
Emancipation: break the chain, break the chain"
—Prince, "Emancipation"

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In 1997, speaking to @ChrisRock for an interview on @VH1, Prince shared profound thoughts on the meaning of music. "I think we've lost sight of the fact that music, I believe, was put on Earth to enlighten and empower us, and make us feel closer to our center," he said.

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A limited number of the special RSD Drop edition of The Truth is now available in the Official Prince Store. It is the first time Prince's mostly acoustic 1998 album is available as a stand-alone release. #prince #thetruth

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The second single from Prince's 2010 vault album #Welcome2America is out now. Check out the Curtis Mayfield-inspired "Born 2 Die" and a playlist of non-stop Prince hits on @YouTubeMusic:

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Prince's acoustic album The Truth will be issued on vinyl and as a stand-alone album for the very first time by @SonyLegacyRecs on Saturday, June 12, for @RecordStoreDay. Find your closest participating record store: #RSD2021 #RSDDrops #Prince

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Prince Rogers Nelson was born on this date in 1958 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and would go on to forever alter the landscape of popular music.

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Rest in honor, Clarence Williams III. In addition to iconic roles in The Mod Squad and Twin Peaks, Clarence will forever be remembered for his gripping performance as The Kid's father, Francis L., in Prince's breakthrough film Purple Rain. #ClarenceWilliamsIII

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Celebrate Prince’s life and legacy this weekend with one of his favorite DJs, Lenka Paris, spinning live from @PaisleyPark. Fans can tune into this exclusive party from anywhere in the world via @TheCurrent at 9 p.m. CDT tonight.

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The full #Welcome2America album will be released on July 30 in standard and Deluxe editions. Pre-order and pre-save #Welcome2America here:

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As @MrMorrisHayes recalls, “He had been watching videos of his friend Dr. Cornel West on YouTube, and during one speech Dr. West said, ‘I love my brother Prince, but he’s no Curtis Mayfield.’ So Prince said, ‘Oh really? We will see.’” #Born2Die

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"Born 2 Die" features bassist @talwilkenfeld, drummer @_CrC_, and the vocalists @therealshelbyj, @livwarfield, and @elisa_fiorillo. Prince tapped his longtime music director @MrMorrisHayes to co-produce the track. #Born2Die.

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The previously unreleased track "Born 2 Die" has just been released from Prince's legendary vault. The song was recorded in the spring of 2010 and was intended for his timely and prescient album #Welcome2America.

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The #Welcome2America track "Born 2 Die" will be exclusively premiered by @BBC6Music tomorrow morning. Tune in at 8 a.m. BST on Thursday to hear Morris Hayes and host Gemma Cairney cue up the track for the first time. Photo by Randee St. Nicholas. #prince

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The Prince Channel is back on @SiriusXM. In honor of Black Music Month, the satellite radio network is offering a nonstop playlist of Prince hits, B-sides, live performance tracks, and Purple Playlists on channel 333.
Photo by @JordanBStrauss, May 2011

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Prince gave a rare press conference at the Hotel Costes in Paris in 2009. When asked whether he had any regrets, Prince said, "I don't think of anything as a mistake. Everything is a learning process. Life is full of ups and downs; it just depends on how you react to them."

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#GeorgeFloyd #BlackLivesMatter

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