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Apple CEO  Auburn 🏀 🏈 Duke 🏀 National Parks 🏞️ “Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'” - MLK. he/him


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The iPhone 13 lineup, iPad, and iPad mini are here! We can’t wait to see all the ways our customers will use them. https://t.co/AYVSkolWuT

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Congratulations to @AFB1921 for marking 100 years of working to create a world with no limits for blind and low vision communities. Apple is proud to share your mission of building a more accessible and inclusive society for all.

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My iPhone 13 Pro Camera Review from Tanzania is live! Check it out. https://t.co/Sm9urm01nC
#ShotoniPhone13Pro https://t.co/a2iVk2d5sf

.@AustinMann is such an extraordinary talent. Love these incredible photos and videos #ShotOniPhone13Pro! https://t.co/UOYIqXqxo9

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Thank you @ClimateEnvoy John Kerry for your leadership on critical climate policy. Honored to join you today during #climateweeknyc to speak to business actions that are driving progress in addressing climate change https://t.co/nkMYU1Ga7g

Each day, we’re reminded that the fight for our planet isn't waiting—and neither are we. This Climate Week, @lisapjackson joined @ClimateEnvoy John Kerry because business and government leadership go hand in hand in building a cleaner, greener future for all. #ClimateWeekNYC https://t.co/bhvV69rX6P

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Congratulations to the cast and crew of @TedLasso on their remarkable Emmy wins including Outstanding Comedy Series! Believe! 👏

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Cut to the chaos. Stream the Season 2 premiere of #TheMorningShow now on Apple TV+ https://t.co/N11JRyF6fF https://t.co/hDCvOwsJYA

One of my all-time favorite shows is back! Catch #TheMorningShow season 2 on AppleTV+. https://t.co/vh8d1dsVCf

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Had so much fun chatting with @Tim_Cook after the #AppleEvent! Check out the full video here: https://t.co/EhqejNO4N7 https://t.co/1kztTWzxDv

Always great to chat with you @iJustine! So glad you love yesterday’s announcements as much as we do. https://t.co/W1Zpnut7jf

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Introducing iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, all-new iPad mini, Apple Watch Series 7, and so much more! Check out the highlights from today’s #AppleEvent. https://t.co/2Vas3M4NB4

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Good morning from somewhere a little different this time. We’re California streaming in 3 hours! See you soon. 👀 #AppleEvent https://t.co/C5V5hiel8F

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20 years ago, we were irrevocably changed. We’ll never forget those we lost or the heroic efforts of first responders and everyday Americans on that terrible day. Nor will we forget the sacrifices of those who were called to service in the months and years that followed.

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This Labor Day we honor and recognize all those whose work and imagination fuels the innovations of tomorrow.

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Proud to support tomorrow’s leaders with $30M in new commitments to HSIs, HBCUs, and social, criminal and environmental justice groups. https://t.co/cW1rGDcGDv

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Our thoughts are with everyone in Hurricane Ida’s path, especially those sheltering in Louisiana, and we’re grateful for the first responders who are helping keep communities safe. Apple will be donating to relief and recovery efforts on the ground.

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Happy birthday, @NatlParkService! Here’s to many more years of protecting and preserving national parks together.


I am profoundly grateful for the time I’ve spent in America’s National Parks throughout my life. Happy 105th Birthday @NatlParkService and thank you for safeguarding these precious spaces. https://t.co/xImG4VbPEv

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Paralympic gold medalist @kurtfearnley’s episode of Time to Walk or Push on Fitness+ teaches us about the power of community and the role we play in each other's lives. As Kurt says, we've got the keys to lift up others, we just have to share them. https://t.co/4Zwt9lxD9c https://t.co/GuHlZ8fFbq

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I keep telling y’all the best camera is the one you have with you.

#shotoniphone #WorldPhotographyDay https://t.co/0C7Jmy2u9s

Love these striking images from @Aundrelarrow! #ShotOniPhone #WorldPhotographyDay https://t.co/WXkCY4GA4o

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The fight against climate change is a fight for equity, for opportunity, and for our children’s future. Thank you @EPAMichaelRegan for visiting Apple Park and talking about how government and businesses can work together to protect the planet! https://t.co/w6OeMa3cbZ

Thank you @EPAMichaelRegan and @Lisapjackson for your incredible example of environmental leadership and innovation. If we act together and act with urgency, we can meet the challenge of climate change — and build a more equitable and sustainable world. https://t.co/KRDXNg1VQs

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Apple’s Impact Accelerator supports the urgent environmental work of innovative businesses. We’re proud to help expand the work of these Black, Latinx & Indigenous-owned companies to create a greener, cleaner future for all. https://t.co/I8AVuwnJBE

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Our hearts are with all those in Haiti who are once again facing the consequences of a devastating earthquake. Apple will be donating to assist relief and recovery efforts in the affected communities.

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CODA has arrived a day early! And there's nothing quiet about it! Watch it NOW on @AppleTVPlus #CODAfilm @AppleTV https://t.co/EeI68Leat6

We hope you love this remarkable and heartfelt story as much as we do! https://t.co/cOLeoH5B8y

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This school year, many students will be able to go contactless with student IDs in Wallet on iPhone and Apple Watch – including my undergraduate alma mater @AuburnU! #WarEagle https://t.co/2w36aCTqjf

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Poll after poll has shown an overwhelming majority of Americans across the political spectrum support #Dreamers. Our member companies and their leaders have long joined in that support. Read about our new letter & full-page NYT ad today: https://t.co/W7El75c3My

Our Apple family includes hundreds of Dreamers. They deserve a clear path to citizenship, and I’m proud to join many leaders in affirming our support for this important legislation. https://t.co/0vYudQepGJ

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Love seeing how educators in Australia are using Swift to teach the next generation of app developers! https://t.co/hqcSdAs986

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At Apple, we are committed to creating technology for everyone. As we mark the 31st anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, it’s important we make real the promise of a just and equal society for all Americans.

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During a year unlike any other, photographers found creative ways to capture the beauty around them. Love the breathtaking images from this year’s @ippawards winners! #ShotOniPhone https://t.co/brjcBQMycT https://t.co/K2Y69hWifI

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New season starts today and I’ll be honest - I’ve got butterflies. But one great fact about butterflies is that they only show up when you care a lot about something. And also they taste with their feet.

To the coach who teaches us all to be kind, optimistic and, of course, a goldfish: welcome back! ⚽️ https://t.co/yA9LwyNPLI

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We’re celebrating 40 years in Singapore — what began with an Apple II facility at Ang Mo Kio has now grown to 3,500 team members, and beyond. We’re proud to be a part of the community there and look forward to many more years to come! https://t.co/z5ji08KJk1

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Our hearts are with all those affected by the devastating flooding across Germany, Belgium and Western Europe. Apple will be donating to support relief efforts.

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Quoted @DSTNHome

“Once the pandemic hit, it was very hard to provide for my family, and every dollar meant a lot to me."

We've helped 15K families like Alma's stay housed this last year, thanks to support from partners like @Apple.

See the full impact of the partnership:

Proud to be supporting @DSTNHome, @HousingTrustSV & @CalHFA’s efforts to ensure there is affordable housing across California — they are making a tremendous impact in our communities. https://t.co/FZ90S8BPXm

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Happy Birthday America! Hope everyone has a safe and happy #4thofJuly!

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Pride is about celebrating the power of equity, inclusion and diversity — because humanity is at its best when everyone is able to speak and live their truth. #Pride2021

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It was amazing to experience the energy from the Apple Fitness+ studio today! I closed my rings just by being around this incredible group. https://t.co/VH92VbqApw

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We’re proud to work with groups like @CreateNow, who are bringing amazing opportunities to kids who don’t get them often enough. From music to painting and graphic design, loved seeing what these gifted and passionate young artists are creating! https://t.co/NZJBE2CnAN

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Today we opened the doors to our new store in downtown LA — Apple Tower Theatre. It’s a testament to a city rich in culture and diversity. We’re so excited to be a part of DTLA! https://t.co/l4UQmZQ5x4

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Thank you to all the dads in our Apple family and around the world, including my own, for your love, strength and support during this very challenging year. Happy Father’s Day! ❤️

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Juneteenth is part of the story of America. We must never forget the Black men and women to whom true freedom was denied for far too long. It is imperative that we honor them by educating ourselves and each other, working together toward a more fair, just and equal future.

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I had the great honor to have a call with @tim_cook. Technology is enriching our lifes and will help us face the next major challenges. So inspiring, thank you so much Tim! https://t.co/JKnTi3Ci8L

Thanks for the great conversation, @GuillaumeRozier! Through @ViteMaDose_off, your mission to help more people get vaccinated has made a meaningful impact. J’ai hâte de voir ce que tu feras ensuite. 🇫🇷 https://t.co/wd70HxdgHF

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Today we introduced new privacy protections to help users have more transparency and control over what happens with their information. https://t.co/wdBWKcYJ0I

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One of my favorite parts of WWDC each year is meeting some of the outstanding Swift Student Challenge winners. I applaud you for all you've accomplished at a young age & I'm amazed at how you think through your passions and ideas so deeply. You’re already changing the world. 💪 https://t.co/qgjCVniuWE

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Today’s the day! Who’s ready? #WWDC21 https://t.co/oRlL8Z85X8

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