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FDA weighs ban on menthol cigarettes, which disproportionately addict and kill Black Americans

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Arrest data from the Capitol riot shows that allegedly criminal participation in the insurrection on Jan. 6 was far more prevalent among veterans than active-duty forces, a more difficult problem for the U.S. government to address.

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DHS watchdog declined to pursue investigations into Secret Service during Trump administration, documents show

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Dan Bongino isn’t just taking over where Rush Limbaugh left off — he’s building a conservative media universe

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Chad President Idriss Déby dies fighting rebels after three decades in power, says military

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Minneapolis law enforcement pledges "de-escalation" should protests follow Chauvin verdict as tactics draw scrutiny

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FedEx shooter visited "white supremacist" sites and surrendered a shotgun, but didn’t trigger "red-flag" law

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Missouri House member faces expulsion after probe finds he sexually, physically abused his children

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A 73-year-old with dementia took $14 of items from Walmart. Police broke her arm in a violent arrest.

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The pandemic led to a rise in digital nomads. Here are their tips for getting vaccinated while on the move.

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Analysis: Mondale lost the presidency but permanently changed the office of vice presidency

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Judge addresses Rep. Waters’s comments on Chauvin trial as Republican criticism mounts

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Attackers stormed schools in Nigeria’s north three times in the past five months, kidnapping at least 667 children. The abductions have instilled fear in students and teachers, leading to a wave of dropouts.

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The pandemic gave parents the chance to work from home. Now they don’t want to give it up.

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The Super League proposal has hit European soccer like a thunderbolt, and not everyone is happy. Here’s what you need to know.

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From the Magazine: In 1970, an image of a dead protester immediately became iconic. But what happened to the 14-year-old kneeling next to him?

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D.C. unemployment recipients who have missed benefits since March should get paid this week

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ICE, CBP to stop using "illegal alien" and "assimilation" under new Biden administration order

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The surprising discovery provides fresh evidence that tyrannosaurs were social predators.

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The $16 billion initiative is meant to help arts and entertainment businesses cover payroll, rent and other expenses, but the application portal is down nearly two weeks after its scheduled launch.

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With France on the table, Americans see a chance for summer vacations in Europe

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Opinion: "Game of Thrones" was the last must-watch pop culture aimed at adults

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Opinion: We may be leaving Afghanistan, but we shouldn’t forget our allies

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A proposed European Super League would underscore how the franchise model of U.S. sports has taken over the top of the global game.

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Analysis: Biden probably has about 600 days to do what he wants to do

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Eating down the refrigerator and freezer is a worthy goal for the sake of the environment and your wallet, and reduces shopping trips during a time when many of us are trying to go to the store less frequently.

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Analysis: Here’s how unusual it is that both the Mets and Knicks are not terrible at the same time

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Opinion: This is the most dangerous moment to be unvaccinated

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Opinion: The car as a symbol of freedom? Not if you’re Black.

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Opinion: President Biden should have followed Vice President Biden’s advice on Afghanistan

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Supreme Court seems likely to back limits on immigrants seeking green cards

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D.C. bolsters police presence, requests National Guard troops ahead of Derek Chauvin verdict

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D.C. to offer amnesty for overdue tickets, as ticketing for all parking violations resumes

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Opinion: Walter Mondale reinvented the vice presidency. Both Biden and Harris should thank him for it.

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Analysis: There is an important difference between a celebrity candidate and a candidate who is a celebrity

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Prince George’s County mental health facility being built with funds shifted from police training building

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State Department to designate most countries with "Do Not Travel" advisory

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Walter F. Mondale dies at 93. The former vice president and Democratic senator was a major player in politics for two decades.

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White House closes in on "families plan" spending proposal, centered on childcare, pre-K, paid leave

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Prosecutor argues Chauvin’s "ego" led to Floyd’s death; jury deliberations begin

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